About griffin marketing & pUBLIC RELATIONS

Griffin Marketing & Public Relations has taken media, communication and public speaking training from detention to master class for ingenues and startups to leaders and legends. The best always want to be better.

Marie Griffin is the sought-after authority in media, communication and public speaking training for leaders and personalities in business, entertainment, fashion, beauty, sports, media, sustainability, wellness and design among other areas. Her immersive process is informed by a profound understanding of people and a deep knowledge of the media, branding, marketing, and public relations landscapes.

Marie’s hallmark is her one-on-one work from the inside out to elevate clients to their highest potential. Her trusted, holistic method has been described as "honest, insightful, grounding and transformative".

Marie began her career in front of the camera as a Seventeen Magazine editor. As US Director of Paris-based trend forecasting think tank Promostyl and VP of Global Marketing and New Business Development at pop culture research firm POP-EYE, she spent over a decade trend forecasting for and strategizing with the world’s most valuable brands. In 1995, she launched Griffin Marketing & Public Relations, a Media, Communication and Public Speaking Training, Branding and Broadcast Media PR firm, amassing an unparalleled client roster. 


  • Media, Communication and Public Speaking Training. We prepare clients for television appearances, print interviews, movie junkets, book tours, hosting, internal communication, content creation, C-Suite interviews and boardroom to arena presentations, as well as to become brand ambassadors, deliver speeches, accept awards, raise capital, and to become a judge or a contestant in an award competition.

  • Broadcast PR